If you live in an area where things seem to change around hurricane season, best you do your homework on hurricane windows.

Hurricane windows, also known as impact windows, are a necessity for many homes – and for good reason.

Windows affect not only the ventilation, interior temperature, and lighting of your home but also the aesthetic.

Choosing the right window can be a big decision for homeowners and it is one that is taken with much deliberation.

Choosing the correct impact window for your home will be a vital decision that will have instant and long-lasting benefits.

How Do Hurricane Windows Function?

Hurricane windows are not like your typical windows.

hurricane-windsThey are always constructed of the highest quality materials because they serve such an important purpose.

They are also therefore an investment – one which will save you money on home repairs in the long run.

Hurricane windows are made to withstand an array of pressure changes.

They are designed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and double glazing panes with PVB ( polyvinyl butyral )interlayer. PVB is a resin that serves to tightly seal two layers of glass as part of the design, affording the impact window the opportunity to live up to its name.

This process also ensures that these types of windows are far more energy-efficient than regular windows. The best part, arguably, is that they do not detract from the visual appeal of your home.

Other Perks of Installing Hurricane Windows

Apart from the hassle of putting up and taking down storm panels alongside other costly repairs, hurricane windows offer several more benefits than any standard windows.

Hurricane windows can provide up to 32% reduction in noise, and depending on noise levels the reduction may be perceived as 100%. This includes a filter for the noise made by passing traffic, railroads, and even aircraft constantly passing over.

UV protection is also a major benefit of impact windows. Reducing the UV into your living areas blocks all the damaging UV rays, but there is no reduction in visible light.

Clear, gray, and bronze impact-resistant windows provide 100% protection with 0% UV penetration.

Now, while no window is completely hurricane-proof, the impact-resistant glass of hurricane windows can withstand high winds, flying debris, and anything else mother nature can throw at it.

This also makes them a magnificent detergent for criminal elements. If they are able to keep out bad weather and flying debris, criminals are no match.

The process impact windows go through during manufacture ensures that hurricane windows are strong enough to stop attempts at breaching them for easy access into your home. Even if a burglar manages to break the outer layer of glass – without making a big noise – they will still not be able to breach the secure design.

This also serves as a mitigating factor for insurance companies. The safety benefits are obvious and the savings on your bills will be too.

Hurricane Windows vs Hurricane Shutters

hurricane-shuttersThere are two very popular options when hurricane proofing your house, hurricane windows, and hurricane shutters.

Now, while hurricane shutters may be more affordable, they do not last as long as hurricane windows and they do not offer the same hurricane protection either.

With hurricane windows, you will always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Relying on shutters or panels is not the best option as they need to be shut, hung, or attached before a storm hits. Who really wants to do that every time a warning is sounded?

Advantages Of Hurricane Windows

A broken window allows entry for wind, water, and flying debris. This is where hurricane windows and hurricane shutters come in.

Hurricane proofing your home means that the structure is protected from hurricane effects, and ultimately disaster.

Hurricane windows are energy efficient and the perfect protection for you and your family against not only natural disasters, but burglars too.

The hurricane window can reduce your air conditioning energy consumption by 20% – 50% and your insurance premiums are also lowered if your home has hurricane windows.

Peace and quiet will no longer be a dream, but a reality.

Why-Choose-Hurricane-Impact-WindowsHurricane windows provide up to 100% noise reduction, obviously depending on noise levels. Hurricane windows look appealing and as a matter of fact, they add more resale value to your home.

With hurricane windows, you also get great UV protection. They provide up to 100% blockage of ultraviolet light.

This also means is that your flooring, drapery, furniture, and valuables are protected from the sun and there is less chance of them fading due to the harsh sunlight.

In the end, hurricane windows provide total security and ultimately pay for themselves through reduced insurance premiums and energy-saving costs.

Clearly, they are a preferred investment when compared to hurricane shutters.

Hurricane Windows – The Preferred Protection

Windows are an important feature in all homes, providing view and light.

When contemplating hurricane security options, consider something which will be visually appealing, not obstruct the view, allow enough light in and most importantly provide protection. Remember to consider both cost and quality.

You and your family deserve the best protection. Why not consider investing in hurricane windows today.