Consider Triple Pane Windows For Your Home And Save!


A triple pane window is created with 3 layers of different glass with a uniform spacer making a gap between each pane.

Triple pane windows are designed to be airtight with the help of a seal between each glass layer.

The sealing abilities and gaps between each pane allow for gas pockets to be inserted in order to improve insulation as well as energy efficiency.

Triple Pane Window Benefits

The most advanced windows available on the market today, many people have upgraded from their single and double pane windows to energy-efficient triple-pane windows.

triple-pane-window-cutThe energy and heat lost through regular glass windows come at a price that you pay for through monthly heating and cooling bills.

A triple pane window offers up to 50% better insulation compared to regular windows.

Anybody in the market for replacement windows should consider the energy-saving abilities of triple-pane windows.

How are Triple Pane Windows More Efficient?

Triple pane windows offer the ultimate in-home comfortability by helping maintain a constant indoor temperature. Because there are three layers of glass and two gas pockets to insulate the home from outdoor temperatures you end up spending less on home heating and cooling. Triple pane windows keep the heat out during the hot summer months, and during the cold winters, they keep the heat in. Triple pane windows are 25% more efficient than double pane windows and up to 50% more efficient than regular single pane windows. This can save homeowners a significant amount on their monthly energy bills.

Triple pane windows cut energy costs in 4 ways:

Airflow: Cold and hot air is carried by airflow, triple pain windows seal 100% preventing hot and cold drafts from entering the home.
Conduction: Heat can transfer through surfaces like glass and metals, triple pane windows with special coatings and gas pockets prevent this transfer.
Convection: Heat transfer through windows can create hot surfaces which in turn heats the air around them. Triple pane windows stop heat transfer.
Radiation: Direct heat radiating through a transparent window can be blocked and controlled by an energy-efficient triple pane window.

Sound Proofing with Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows are highly effective at reducing noise and sound transmission. This is mainly due to the added third window layer.

A soft spacer between window glazings also helps to prevent sound transmission into the home.

The extra glass layer and spacers can reduce noise by 15 – 20% and not only improve home energy efficiency. Anyone living in a busy city or neighborhood can benefit from the many advantages of a triple pane window.

Triple Pane Window Insulation

Triple pane windows offer advanced insulation properties providing a more comfortable home interior all year round.

Window coverings and layers reduce heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer.

An invisible Low-E coating on the glass surface stops heat loss through windows while allowing sunlight in.

Low-E coatings also block harmful UV rays which can damage the interior of the home from prolonged exposure.

Triple Versus Double Pane Windows

When it comes to choosing between a triple pane or double pane replacement window, there are two main factors to consider. The first is the energy efficiency and insulating properties of a triple pane compared to a double-pane window. The difference here is that a triple pane is around 25% more efficient. The second deciding factor is the difference in price between the two. When comparing the two there is a noticeable difference in each of their U-factors (heat loss rate). The triple-pane has the best rating. Comparing the costs of each proves there is only a slight difference in price. Though triple pane windows do cost more, the level of insulation and energy savings they provide can offset the higher price tag over time eventually paying for themselves.

Choosing Triple Pane Spacers

Triple pane windows offer excellent insulating properties thanks to gas pockets between each glass pane, however, heat can also move through the spacers between each pane limiting its potential efficiency. An effective spacer will slow down heat exchange creating a much more efficient seal. If you are purchasing triple pane replacement windows, consider opting for a warm edge spacer. This type of spacer slows down the heating process increasing overall efficiency.

Triple Pane Gas Types

Triple pane windows have two pockets available for filling with an energy-efficient gas.

picture-window-replacementThe two most common gas types used are argon and krypton which are chosen for their high insulation factor.

Argon gas is the most commonly chosen for its non-toxic, clear, and odorless properties.

Krypton gas has the same properties but offers a much higher level of insulation.

Consider the following common gasses and their thermal conductivity (measured in W/mK):

  • Krypton: 0.0094
  • Argon: 0.016
  • Carbon dioxide: 0.015
  • Air: 0.024
  • Nitrogen: 0.026

Adding Triple Pane Protective Coatings

The benefit of triple pane windows having multiple layers is that it offers the opportunity of adding multiple coatings. Each layer of glass can have one coating. A triple-pane offers up to three times as much protection as a regular window. Triple and double-pane windows offer a considerable improvement over single-pane windows whether it be energy savings, noise reduction, or their insulating properties. Triple pane windows are available in every style so you can customize them to suit your personal preference, home design, and local climate.

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